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No archived items are downloaded into Vault Cache.

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Hi all,

We have been running Virtual Vault / Vault Cache on EV 8.0.5 on our environment for a while now. Everything is fine for the vast majority of users. I have come across a number of people who now find though they can see Virtual Vault on synchronising items are only downloaded into Vault Cache as they are opened from the mailbox using shortcuts created by archiving.

This perplexed me completely for some time, as I could not work out why some people were effected and some were not. So I moved my archive onto the same EV server as an effected user, and hey presto I now have the same issue as well. The sync 'finishes' and I can see Virtual Vault in my client, but nothing is downloaded into Vault Cache unless the items are opened while online. Once offline I have no access to the archived emails which I have not previously opened when online.

Has anyone come up against anything like this before? I have a case open with Symantec support, however progress has been so far extremely slow with analysis of client only logs happening 2.5 weeks into the case being open.

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I know what you mean about it not being a server side issue. I think I was able to reproduce the issue perhaps because my vaultid or something changed when I moved my archive, rather than the issue was reproducable as a server issue.

In getting the sync doing more than it did before I have only done work on the client computers, nothing has changed on the servers.

All our EV servers are as identical as can be, all on the same build of Windows (2003 Enterprise x86), all on the same version of EV (8.0.5), etc.

So I am really the first person to come up against this issue?

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Checking old entries here.

Was there not an issue where if Vault Cache was being built, and you moved the archive to another server, VC got messed up? Cannot find a technote, but did find some other forum entries.

Regards. Gertjan