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No mailbox synchronization since ... V-437-41447

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Hi all,

Having an issue with the following:

"There has not been a mailbox synchronisation with Exchange Server xxx since 18/09/2017" - Event ID 41447

When I check Event Viewer it tells me the following:

There has not been a mailbox synchronization with Exchange Server WNCENEX03 since 18/09/2017 7:39 AM

Task name: Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for WNCENEX03

You can use the System Status feature in the Administration Console to help you resolve this issue.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Unfortunately if I go to the URL listed it tells me "No results are available for this query. Try a different query, or change your filter settings"

We have restarted the task manually on the server, rebooted the server, changed the Throttling policiy (set to null then changed it back). I rang tech support but they advised me to post the issue here as our EV version ( is no longer supported. Exchange server is 2013.




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Hi Chris,

The message is expected if there are no active databases/mailboxes on that Exchange server. Have you checked that?

If there are no mailboxes on that Exchange server, you can ignore the message.


Thanks for your quick response, we do however still have hundreds of active mailboxes on that server.

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Got it. Can you try to manually synchronize a mailbox on this server? Does it work?


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Could you check the MSMQ A7, how many items have you inside ?
Some times, a bad request can block the automatic synchronisation ...

For more information regardin MSMQ, you can read the technote :


Hello All

Im also experience the same issue for one Exchange server.
This specifically happened after enabling bulk archive of 1000 users

Initially 3 of mailbox servers were affected but later after bulk job completed 2 got fixed and 1 is not resolving even after 10 days time.

Did the following things and no luck so far:

Checked for the archiving service mailbox status of that server - NO issues

Checked the Queues and no process stucked
Checked the throttling policy - all are set to unlimited and no issues

Checked the moved items update summary - no of failed updates is 0

Restarted the affected Exchange Server and also the EV nodes - Still the same

Looked for any stale legacy mailbox DN entry in the vault directory database found 1 of them and removed them - still the same

There are more than 4000 mailboxes in that affected server and i keep getting the message there has no be mailbox synchronization

The version of EV is EV 11 CH4

Any help much appreciated

Would it be possible to delete and create a new Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task? We have seen similar issues being resolved after recreating the tasks and starting from a clean slate. However, please proceed at your own discretion and after consulting Veritas.

To achieve this, you would need to complete the following steps.

1. Stop the Enterprise Vault Task Controller Service on the affected server.

2. Ensure all the Enterprise Vault related MSMQ queues are clear. You may run the following command in Powershell to retrieve these statistics.
Get-MsmqQueue | where {$_QueueName -like "*private*<your exchange server name>*"} | ft QueueName,MessageCount -autosize
Only if the messagecount is 0, proceed to the next step

3. Run the following command to delete the queues specific to the Exchange server
Get-MsmqQueue | where {$_.QueueName -like "*private*<your exchange server name>*"} | Remove-MsmqQueue -Confirm:$false

4. In VAC, note down all the settings of the Exchange Mailbox Archive Task for the Exchange Server.

5. In VAC, delete the Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for the Exchange Server.

6. Create a new Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for the Exchange Server as documented here and do not start the task

7. Apply the noted settings to the newly created Archiving Task and Start the Enterprise Vault Task Controller Service

8. Run the Provisioning Task and verify the Target Databases are visible on the Archiving Task.

9. Force a synchronisation and check if the A7 queue is populated and MessageCount if reducing

10. Schedule the synchronisation and check if A7 queue is populated at the scheduled time





Good News 

The Synchronization started working fine after yesterday's mailbox archiving job completed .

The sync started working fine for the affected server.

Guess mostly the legacyexchange DN entry caused the problem for the synching and after the restart of the server post the old legacyexchangedn removal fixed the issue