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Not able to delete archive items on EV 11

Level 4
Not able to delete archive items on EV 11, getting below error in DTRACE. 1530 14:22:10.913 [7440] (StorageDelete) <8904> EV {CVault::LogTraceDeletionRefusal:#2015} Deletion of item [], Saveset [] with [0] holds has been refused: [DELETE_ITEM_COMPLIANCE (0x8)]. 1531 14:22:10.913 [7440] (StorageDelete) <8904> EV {CVault::DeleteSaveset} (Exit) Status: [The deletion of the item is not currently permitted. For more information, see Help and Support Center at (0xc0041a57)] 1532 14:22:10.913 [7440] (StorageDelete) <8904> EV {CStoreAccessor::DeleteItem} (Exit) Status: [The deletion of the item is not currently permitted. For more information, see Help and Support Center at (0xc0041a57)] 1533 14:22:10.913 [7440] (StorageDelete) <8904> EV CDeleteVault::DeleteSavesets Information: Saveset [entryId =] can't be deleted as it is on hold.

Level 6

The [DELETE_ITEM_COMPLIANCE (0x8)] reason code means that your storage device has a hardware-enforced retention on the item which is not satisfied, and therefore the storage device is disallowing the deletion. This commonly happens with EMC Centera devices, though they're not the only ones with functionality that falls under this code.

Check with the storage vendor to see if there is any way to alter this hardware-based retention.


Thanks Chris..... We are using EMC Centra. How can we identify hardware-enforced retention or Its EV application retention? As per my understanding EV over-write the retention on Storage ,if EV failed then store used own retention. What is privilege delete in enterprise vault and how can we achieve this.

I figured you were using Centera but didn't want to assume. Smiley Happy

This is a bit of a long read, but it has the answers to all your questions.





Thanks Chris....... If Collections is enabled then single item can be stored at multiple savesets or multiple items (different users) can be stored at single saveset? Little doubt here.... Also is it possible to get list of all saveset ID's details for single user? If we delete one archive mailbox from enterprise vault successfully (as per event viewer) so saveset ID details would also got deleted from SQL or not.....

This question is a little hard to understand, but let's give it a shot.

When it is archived, a single item is split into one saveset and 0 or more SIS parts. The exact number of SIS parts depends on various characteristics of the item, which we don't need to get into here. The important thing to understand is that

(saveset + SIS parts) = item

The Centera device doesn't give a hoot about savesets or SIS parts. It is all about Clips (containers) and Blobs (data objects, loosely analogous to files). When collections are enabled on a Centera partition, then EV stores the savesets and SIS parts from multiple items together as Blobs in a single Clip. So a Clip will contain some combination of saveset and SIS part data; they might be from different items, even different archives, but what ties them together is they were all archived about the same time, so they end up in the same Clip on the Centera. When EV needs to retrieve a specific saveset or SIS part from a Clip, it provides the Centera with the ClipId and a data offset for the Blob representing the data it needs.

It is possible to get a list of all SavesetIds for a single archive. You would use a SQL query like this against the Vault Store database that contains the user's archive:

SELECT dbo.CombineSavesetId(IdChecksumHigh, IdChecksumLow, IdDateTime, IdUniqueNo, IdTransaction) AS SavesetId
FROM Saveset
JOIN ArchivePoint ON ArchivePoint.ArchivePointIdentity = Saveset.ArchivePointIdentity
WHERE ArchivePoint.ArchivePointId = 'ArchiveIdGoesHere'

If what you meant was rather to get a list of all Centera ClipIds, well that's also possible, like this:

SELECT DISTINCT Collection.RelativeFileName AS ClipId
FROM Saveset
JOIN ArchivePoint ON ArchivePoint.ArchivePointIdentity = Saveset.ArchivePointIdentity
JOIN Collection ON Collection.CollectionIdentity = Saveset.CollectionIdentity
WHERE ArchivePoint.ArchivePointId = 'ArchiveIdGoesHere'

Finally, if an archive is successfully delete then yes, the records of its items will be removed from EV's Saveset table in the Vault Store database. However, a record of each deletion, including the SavesetId of the item that was deleted, is kept for thirty-two days in the JournalDelete table. So if you need to know the SavesetId of an item that was deleted, you can find it if you look quickly enough.


I hope that helps!


With EV Centera leveraging Collections, a delete of a Clip and the items associated with the Clip are not performed until all items are marked as deleted which are referenced within the Clip. How can we identity all the data in Clip are for single user or multiple user, is there any way? Also can perform any deletion for Saveset ID from SQL? I can find Saveset and multiple saveset ID saved as Clip on centra.

Any lead on this would be appreciated?