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Ntfs to Centera migration

Hello All,
I'm right now starting a migration of few Tb of Data  with partition on SAN disks to a partition on the Centera ones.For this purpose I'm using the ntfstocenteramigrator tools delivered with EV ( our actual version is EV8 SP1).
The transfer rate described in the doc is : 9 GB/hour or 130.000 Items per hour.
Unfortunately I'm far far away from reaching such values ( from 4000 to 50000 items/hour). Could somebody explain we how I could find what is the restricting factor  and how I could correct it ?
Thanks a lot for any help, I really don't know where to look anymore.
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Did you have NTFS Collections

Did you have NTFS Collections enabled?  If so, this adds time as the files have to be extracted before migrating.

Having collections enabled

Having collections enabled does add some time to the archiving but it also increases the speed to retrieve the data.

In the VAC if you increase the number of concurrent connections it will speed up the process. I recommend 5 - 7 no more

Thank you for you answer and

Thank you for you answer and no we don't have collection neither on SAN neither on Centera.
And Scanner001 sorry but could you explain me a bit deeper how I can do this, that would be worth to give it a try.
Thank you