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Number of Passes on an Exchange Mailbox

Hello VOX Members,

Working in an environment where the customer is running EV 11.0.1 CHF5 (will be upgrading in a short while, but the query is still relevant) on Windows Server 2012.

Need to know if there is a Registry key that controls the number of passes allowed at a mailbox in order to decide that it is enough and the task needs to move on to another mailbox.

As seen in the attached Archiving Task Report, there are 6 to 8 passes made at various mailboxes within an hour's attempt. This was a Manual Run, but I have similar problems when running on a schedule. The effect being, the task is never able to complete the target mailbox count.

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Re: Number of Passes on an Exchange Mailbox


Could you say us which "Maximum number of items per target pass" you use for your Archiving Taks ?

I think you juste need to increase the "Maximum number of items per target pass" in the "Settings" tab of your Archiving Task. You can find more information in the following technote :