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OMA via OWA - access for mobile devices (iPhones) and with IE11

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Hello Community,

we have two issues with OMA via OWA.

1st: We deployed the OMA for OWA and struggle to get the archived messages displayed on our mobile devices (iPhones) - see screenshot attached. On one out of five iPhones it was working until resetting the browser cache and settings for the website. The login prompt doesn't pop up and the page stays blank. Deactivating the pop-up blocker doesn't change the behaviour on the iPhones.


On android devices there's a login prompt and after selecting the "Enterprise Vault tab" the messages are displayed correctly with the options to view, restore,... (see second screenshot).


Version of EV is and OWA / Exchange is 2016.

With the Chrome browser on the iPhones it isn't working as well.

Any ideas on that?

And how do you provide access to the vault for your iPhone users?

2nd: External and internal access with Laptops via Chrome, Firefox and Edge are working properly. With IE11 some PCs are struggling to get the messages displayed via OWA. After clicking on "Enterprise Vault" there's just a blank page in the little window. No pop-up blocker activated. 


Thanks a lot for your feedback!


Best regards




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Hi Sebastian,

As far as I know, Office Mail Apps are not supported on Mobile devices. On the mobile devices, you should use the Enterprise Vault Search.

Have a look at the Compatibility matrix:


Thanks for your answer Virgil!

But is that really true that until now (almost in the year 2019) there is no solution from VERITAS for accessing archived messages on mobile devices?

That would be for sure a criteria for exclusion in the next discussion with our executives and a switch to MS archiving or another product unavoidable...

The Enterprise Vault Search is working but on iPhones images and some attachments can't be displayed or downlaoded - no real solution.

We're really happy with the Enterprise Vault solution because it's simply working without any trouble but this would be a killer argument in the future.

Is there a short- or mid-term plan to support mobile devices?


Thanks a lot and best regards

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Hello Sebastian,

I have used IMAP Access with mobile clients before (first time about 4 years ago)

You can follow those instructions, and test if it is sufficient for your needs.