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OUTLOOK mac client issue

Hi  Team,

We  are using  EV 11.0.0 for archiving  Microsoft Exchange 2013 dag. We have windows and mac client.

Facing  issue on MAC client while restoring email.


Enterprise Vault Search :Either Microsoft Exchange Server is not reachable or You do not have full mailbox access/administrator rights
to the target mailbox




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Re: OUTLOOK mac client issue

First off, I'll make my strongest recommendation that the Mac client not be used, ever.  The EV-IMAP is much more functional, especially for Macs/Ipads.

Re: OUTLOOK mac client issue

My suggestion is to use latest supported version of MAC add-in to see if that helps.  Page no 45/46 of compatibility guide ( ) would help to know that information.
Please also collect client trace as per TN  to do more diagnostics.

Re: OUTLOOK mac client issue


Following up what Pradeep stated, remember to post the details about the OSX being used, the MAC EV Add-in installed etc.