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OWA 2003 Redir.ASP

>Hello All,
>Quick Question, in OWA on 2003 SP1, when clicking on a vaulted item, and
>then clicking on the "view original" item the redir.asp loads the "EV vault
>URL" such as, thus when OWA from home you can
>see "original" items.
>The Proxycfg was run using the "EVservers.txt"
>Why is it not proxuing all connections via OWA and sending the IE browser
>directly to the EV server?

Additional Notes
it seems that the OWA is not proxyibg the vaulted item: such as
in OWA then you click on an item it opens the HTML version, then you have
the blue link

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When you cilck on that is loads this URL href="">

This then loads an IE window dirctly to the URL of

This does not seam correct, how can an enternal user via OWA load the orginal
ITEM, shoudn't OWA "Proxy" there connection and thus load the "ORGINAL" item
with out the IE loading the valut URL, or does in OWA you can only see the
HTML version and never the "ORGINAL"