OWA Items Not Opening Correctly

Just recently our OWA items have stopped opening, the shortcut opens saying "The Archived Item is currently unavailble", click here to preview the original.

When you click at the top of the item you get the following error :-

You are being redirected to http://EVLONSERV.corp.tullowoil.local/EnterpriseVault/Viewmessage.asp?vaultid=1BB734CD74CC9564081C35750302621FA1110000EVLONSERV&savesetid=201004070663220~200910070917470000~Z~C000B922155942520DC7A71EA8F86F81&OWA2007=1. This Web site may not be trusted and may be used to collect personal information, such as your user name and password. Are you sure that you want to continue to this Web site?

You're able to click "YES" and you get a copy of the original email opened but you're unable to Reply or Forward.... and you're also unable to Restore Items from the Vault.

We're running Exchange 2007, a seperate HT/CAS Server and EV v8 SP3

I've tried resetting up the OWA access and everything looks as it should, but still no luck.  As I said this was working.

Any ideas/help would be appreciated

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hmm nearly every time i've seen that its an issue with the EVAnon account and the EVAnon folder What i would do is this 1. Go to your EV server that it is targeting logged in as the EVAdmin account 2. Through IIS remove the /EVAnon virtual Directory 3. Make sure that the ExchangeServers.txt in your EV installation directory has all the correct IP Addresses for the CAS servers 4. Open up a command prompt and go to your EV installation directory 5. Run the following cscript owauser.wsf /domain:yourDomain /user:EVAnon /password:EVAnonPassword 6. After this has run, the EVAnon virtual directory should be recreated etc 7. Restart your EV Admin service 8. Synchronize all the user mailboxes http://seer.entsupport.symantec.com/docs/325356.htm http://seer.entsupport.symantec.com/docs/319307.htm

Hey there, Tried that

Hey there,

Tried that yesterday, but gave it another go this morning in case I missed something out.

Still no go.

Thanks... any other ideas?


Ok slightly more alarming

Ok slightly more alarming now.... the items no longer open when you click on the "YES"...... you end up with a "Page Cannot be Displayed"

I'm at a loss as to where I should be looking?

Have you enabled the OWA

Have you enabled the OWA Diagnostic logging?  Can you provide a link to one showing the problem?
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Hey Rob as discussed via

Hey Rob as discussed via email and from the logs...... when I restart the EV Admin Service the owauser account which is set in the registry as a part of the setup is changed to the EV Service Account?!?!?!

I'm really not sure why this has started happening.

I can no longer even launch the Archive Explorer from OWA