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Office Mail App - All Users


I have this article:

However it doesnt actualy fit the bill, the start of the shell is still defining a get-mailbox.

Does anyone know a script that will Enable all User mailbox with an archive? It even says in the key at the bottom "mailbox is the name of any mailbox that is enabled for archiving."

I dont want to have to define hundreds of mailboxes....


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Re: Office Mail App - All Users


do you want to achieve

A) to create an archive for everyone, automatically

You can define to automatically enable users within the EV provisioning groups.

B) Deploy Office Mail App for existing users

I would export a list out of exchange >> CSV with mailbox name

And then read in the mailbox names one by one with powershell "foreach()..."

then use new-app command to enable OMA for the specific usermailbox

Re: Office Mail App - All Users


Yes its option B, i presume this doesnt include enabling future users who join the org, so enabling users for the OMA becomes a weekly\monthly admin task to ensure all new users get enabled?

Ideally you want all new users who get EV enabled to by default also be enabled for the Mail app.

Re: Office Mail App - All Users


for new users use AD Groups for whatever policy you are using for the specific user.

You add the AD Group to the provisioning Group of an ev policy. And then turn auto enable on. This way every user who is in the AD Group willget an archive, after Provisioning Task & archiving task has run.

Secondly I would Export the user alias of everyone older then X to a CSV list (scheduled task) this task will trigger the powershell script. >> foreach entry in CSV (get-mailbox and then new-app)

You would although have to configure it for the different AD-Groups that are linked to EV.

Just write me a mail if you need help with it.