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Office mail app appears on original message unarchived in Outlook 2013

Hi guy,

I have noticed a strange behavior with Office mail app only in Outlook 2013 (I don't have issues with Office mail app in OWA 2013)

First, in my EV Desktop policy, on "Advanced" tab, Office Mail App is set with :

- Availability : " OWA 2013 only "

- Behavior of Mail App Bar : " Show options "

- Mode : " Light "

- Search application : " Browser search "

Then, always on "Advanced" tab of EV Desktop policy, in "Outlook" (List settings from), the option "Display Office Apps on original items" is set to "Off" ==> in Outlook 2013, Office Apps are not displayed in the original content of opened archived items.

That's OK because we use only EV tool bar in Outlook 2013 however in Outlook 2013, EV Office Apps display in the original content of opened original message (unarchived) on the  message preview and when the original message is opened (that's strange behavior no ?)

Please, I need your help about this abnormal behavior.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards,











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i think some screenshots

i think some screenshots would help us understand your concern because i do expect you to see the EV app on unarchived items and it should say "Enterprise Vault has not archived this item" and give you options (or not) depending on the policy settings you configured.


Re: Office mail app appears on original message unarchived in Outlook 2013

Hey Franck, It is often troble I can fix it when upgrade from Outlook 2013 to 2016. Also beter way change your device to OIS. Iphone I use many years and do not have any problems because ios app developers are great guys created quality product.

Paul Hyatt