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Operating system for the EV server

which Operating System should I choose for my ev server and why I have the opportunity to use

Windows Server 2003 sp2
Windows Server 2008 sp2
Windows Server 2008 R2

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I think you should look

I think you should look through the compatibility guide to see which is best for the version of EV you have. Also consider when 2003 will become end of life and go into extended support.

2008 works but..

jpr is right, check the compatibility guide to be sure.

Depending on the release of 80SP4, or EV9, your targetdate for installing, you MIGHT go for 2008SP2. I'm running 4 journalarchivingservers on 2008sp2 x64 no problem. It is however not supported yet.

Regards. Gertjan

do you know when the sp4 will

do you know when the sp4 will come or the release note to sp4

SP 4 for EV 8 is expected to

SP 4 for EV 8 is expected to be released on April 1

do you know if ther will be

do you know if ther will be som new cool new features like in sp3 when the introduced virtual vault or will it only beening error fixes 

move archive.

move archive should be in sp4
Regards. Gertjan

what about Exchange 2010

what about Exchange 2010 support, you know something about it

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Exchange 2010 is only for EV9 onwards EV8 SP4 like gertjan said will be move archive and a boat load of fixes

EV9 will only support Exchange 2010 SP1?

According to this Symantec posting on Monday, EV9 will now only support Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1?

Document ID: 347572

Important Note - The GA release of Enterprise Vault 9.0 will only support Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1. It will not support the GA release of Exchange Server 2010.

EV 8.0 SP4

The proposed release date for EV 8.0 SP4 is April, look for more information on the actual date soon... 

As far as i know Jordan is

As far as i know Jordan is right, EV 9 will be released in 3rd quarter of year 2010 and by that time Exchange 2010 sp1 will be available in the market and EV 9 will be supporting Exch 2010 SP1 onwards..

Out of interest has anyone

Out of interest has anyone tried archiving from Exchange 2003/2007 in EV 8.0 and then moving the mailboxes to Exchange 2010, although stopping archiving before the mailboxes reach the 2010 server. In theory the archived items should be accessible, although not had time to try it out.
There are lots of eager beavers looking at Exchange 2010 being held up by the unsupported issue, although I guess this is also pretty much unsupported until EV 9.0.

Whilst I am thinking out

Whilst I am thinking out loud, can anyone explain why EV 8.0 and by the look of it EV 9.0 is not supported on Windows 2008 32 bit even though it is supported on Windows 2008 64 bit in 32 bit emulation mode? 

w2008 32

Hello Bradleyking,

Microsoft assumes that when you use W2008 you will use the 64 bit version. New OS on New hardware and stuff.

64 bit is required for (for instance) exchange 2007/2010, and highly recommended for sql / sharepoint I believe.

Testing on a 32bit OS that mainly will be used in the 64 bit version is too much effort (I can imagine)

I'd go for the 64 bit, as EV will be getting some 64 bit parts (indexing as first), and will in the end be 64 bit.
Regards. Gertjan