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Ordner kann nicht gelöscht werden!!

Hallo zusammen,

manchmal wenn ich ein Ordner in Vault löschen möchte, kommt diese Meldung:

Ordner kann nicht gelöscht werden.JPG


obwohl der Ordner ist von mir erstellet worden!!

hat jemand eine Idee für dieses Problem??



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Hello Dahlia, Commonly used

Hello Dahlia,

Commonly used language in forum is english! There are not many people here that can read German.

I believe what you are asking is "I am unable to delete a fodler from the archive".

If (as the message states) you have Virtual Vault, and the folder in OUTLOOK is empty, and the sync has complete succesfully (ie in Archive Explorer you do not see items in this folder), you should be able to delete the folder in Virtual Vault.

If you do not have Virtual Vault, you need to set a registrykey on the EV-server, which will delete empty folders.

The key should be under: HKLM/Software/Wow6432Node/KVS/Enterprise Vault/Storage, and is a DWORD called DeleteEmptyFolders.

Give it value 1. When the tasks runs, it will remove empty folders from the archive. When it has completed, the registry value will be set to 0.

Be advised that if you have deleted items from the folder (or moved them), it might take a while before the indexes are updated, which can give you the idea it is not working. Be patient.




Regards. Gertjan

thank you GertjanA that was

thank you GertjanA that was exactly my problem.

I set the registrykey and i will wait till the end of the search in all archives and then i will see if i can delete the empty folders.


thanks again


Hello Dahlia, Your welcome.

Hello Dahlia,

Your welcome. If the folders are empty already, they will be removed by EV from the archive automatically.

When the registry key is at 0, this means EV has completed the action.

If you are satisfied with an answer, can you please close the question, select an answer as solution.



Regards. Gertjan

Hi GertjanA, the registry

Hi GertjanA, the registry value is till now 1 although i set it yesterday!!

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Hello Dahlia, After setting

Hello Dahlia,

After setting the key, did you restart the Storage Service?




Regards. Gertjan