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Outlook Add-in Disconnection issue

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Dear All,

We are having a situation where EV Outlook Add-in disconnect and will not connect back untill we restart the MSOutlook.

1. Exchange 2010

2. Outlook 2010/2013

3. Enterprisevault version :12.2

4. User mailbox is configured with outlook anywhere

Currently our EV addin http connection is example : which is working fine and users are able to access their messages in outlook. 

Problem: During network switching over the EV add-in http connection is getting updated automatically as (which is not valid url to access the archive messages). To resolve this issue we need to restart the outlook after which EV addin http connection gets updated back to : 

Can any one help us to resolve this issue. When the Netwrok connections switchover the acutal EV http connection url should get updated without outlook restart

Thanks and Regards









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there is a setting where you can define the connection string within EV for outlook anywhere.

If you still have this problem you might want to check what String is inserted there