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Outlook Forms

Level 4
I'm using Exchange 2007 and have to install the EV forms. I used the cmdlet "New-PublicFolder –Path “\NON_IPM_SUBTREE\EFORMS REGISTRY”" but I don't know how to open this folder for adding the forms. Can someone help me?
Also im not shure, for what this forms are needed. Do they provide the full functionality, or just the icons? Do I still have to install the http light client (i just want to use this)


Level 5

By default, the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-ins automatically deploy forms to the user's Personal Forms Library when no Organizational Forms Library is available.

Later, when you set up the Exchange Mailbox Policy in the Enterprise Vault Administration Console, you can use the Outlook policy setting, Deploy  forms Locally, to control the Outlook Add-in behavior.

Level 4
Do i understand it right, the forms deployment thought public folder is not required if the computer has a EVclient installed? Of course, to get the items and features (archive, search, ...) the client should be installed. Right?
P.S. Still open question - how do you deplay the forms to the pf? I don't see this eforms folder... Thanks!

Level 5

From the Install/config guide on page 150.


Creating Organizational Forms folders

On Exchange Server 2000 and 2003, you use Exchange System Manager to create folders in the Organizational Forms Library.

On Exchange Server 2007, the method used to create the Organizational Forms Library and folders has changed; you cannot use the administrative tools. The method described in this section uses the MAPI editor, MfcMapi.exe, which you can obtain from the following Microsoft Web location:

To create Organizational Forms folders on Exchange Server 2007

Create a new Organizational forms folder, as follows:

Click Start, point to All Programs, click Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and then click Exchange Management Shell.

Run the following command at the Exchange Management Shell prompt:


-Name "Enterprise Vault Forms (English)"

The name given here is just an example. Repeat this command to create a folder for each language that you want to publish.

Check that the public folders are displayed in Outlook:

Use an account that belongs to the Exchange Administrators Group to log on to an Enterprise Vault server that has Outlook 2003 installed.

Configure a new mail profile and start Outlook.

If the public folder store does not appear within a few seconds, you may need to wait for Exchange Server to update. Alternatively, restart the

Exchange Server information store to force an update.

Add the PR_EFORMS_LOCALE_ID property to set language of the forms folder, as follows:

Start the Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Editor (MfcMapi.exe) from the MFCMAPI folder.

Select or create a MAPI profile as necessary.

On the Session menu, click Logon and Display Store Table.

On the MDB menu, click Open Public Folder Store, and then click OK.

Expand Public Root, expand NON_IPM_SUBTREE, and then expand



Click the public folder that you created in step 1. For example, click

"Enterprise Vault Forms (English)".

On the Property pane menu, click Modify Extra Properties.

Click Add, and then click Select Property Tag.

Click PR_EFORMS_LOCALE_ID in the list, and then click OK.

Click OK twice. A red mark is displayed next to the new




In the Unsigned Decimal box, type the locale ID you require, and then click OK.

For example, type 1033 for English, or 1040 for Italian.

To determine the locale ID for other locales, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

Select PR_PUBLISH_IN_ADDRESS_BOOK, right click and select Edit

Property, clear Boolean and then click OK.

Exit MAPI Editor.

Level 4
Thanks sleddog, got it to work. But, I generated two folders english and german. In Outlook (form EV Server) I see only the "english" folder. Is this refered to the outlook or system language?
Question, what is the recomended deployment, locally or public folder? What do you prefer?

Level 5
If it were me, given that I am installing the add-in anyway, I would not use Folders in Exchange 2007

Level 3
You'll have to use an outlook in the language you want to upload the forms, german outlook for german forms and english outlook for english forms. you have to copy twice once to each folder. and outlook will only show the folders in their own language...

Level 5
Partner Accredited

deploay the forms locally in the personal folder.

forget about this public folder thing, it's a mess!



Level 4

Unless you want to use OWA - Forms will have to be uploaded then for Icons to work.


OWA in exchange 2007 is very nice, and should be used :)

Level 5

We have deployed the forms to the org forms library, but found that (at least for outlook in cached mode) that we occasionally lost the forms.  We then had to open the shortcuts and the forms were reinstalled OK.  I now have the policy setup to always deploy forms locally.





Level 4

The best way since v7.5 is to deploy it locally over the client to personal forms libary of outlook...