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Outlook Virtual Vault and Virtual Cache - How to redirect it to the Indexing Server

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Hi Techie Folks,


Hope all are doing good.


Need some information, because Veritas Documents are confusing. It isn't for beginners like me.


I have one Archiving Server and One indexing Server (Dedicated to their respective roles)


If I am going to enable Virtual Vault for my users, to which servers the request will go to download the information to the Virtual Vault Cache.


Is it the Server which is dedicated for Archiving or to the server which is dedicated for Indexing.


I am going to roll out virtual vault to batch of users and check whether it is working fine and then in batches until I rolled out to all users. Please guide me through the right way.

Please help me in this regards.


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Prett sure it will be the one doing the archiving... but you should test it first.

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Hello Dhan,

The Vault Cache will be built on the server hosting the data (storage service).

You can use 2 webpages to (sort of) monitor.



If you start of with only a few users, you can get customed to the webpages.

Regards. Gertjan