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Outlook compatibility error attempting to upgrade

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Hi there,

I'm attempting to upgrade my new EV lab box from 12.4 to 14.1. In that lab I could never get enable mailbox working and wondered if it was because I was running Exchange 2019 CU8.  So I'm attempting to upgrade to 14.1.

The deployment scanner is failing the Outlook test saying

The installed version of Microsoft Outlook ('16.0.4266.1003') is not supported by Enterprise Vault. For the latest information on supported versions of Microsoft Outlook, see the Enterprise Vault Compatibility Charts at 

However checking the chart everything should be fine, it mentions a Microsoft patch which when I download and install says is not required for this version.

Initially the server incorrectly had Outlook x64 on and I've subsequently uninstalled it and reinstalled Outlook. 

Anything I'm doing wrong here or any advise?




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Hello Mike,

Long time no speak :)

I have not seen this before, but I believe this is due to left-overs from the X64 install. If you can uninstall Outlook again, then rename the folder where Outlook was installed, and remove the mail-profiles, reboot, then install the X86 version.  That should work I think.

Regards. Gertjan