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Outlook searches fail - Enterprise vault server 11

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We are a Windows 7 shop with Office 2010 and use EV Vault cache 11. Windows has always indexed the vault cache which is in the KVS folder located under local in the profile of the users. Suddenly indexing the vault cache has stopped for all our users end of September. We suspected it is a Windows update or office update. However I invested a bit time and here is my finding.

Our EV Outlook addin is version 11.01.3706 (this is the version name shown in Outlook). When I physically delete the windows index file and let it re-create it index everything in Outlook except the vault cache. My vault cache has around 128000 items and the max cache size has not reached yet. However Oultook indexer shows only that it has indexed around 38000 items. For any reason Outlook does not index the KVS folder. I have a older version of EV Outlook addin which is 11.01.3527. When I create a workstation with this version of EV and use the same login the Outlook indexer index the KVS folder. I can also perform searches and receive results for my vault cache.

It appears that something has happened with EV version, not sure what. We performed some tests and remove all Outlook security updates since last September without any result.

Any idea what's wrong with this EV client version? I suspect MS changed something in the security model of Outlook and this EV addin is no longer really compatible. I think mass downgrading the EV version is not really an option. It would require to deinstall first the newer version and install the older version.

Is there a later version for EV 11 client available?

Any hint is highlty appreciated.






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Hello Edy,

That is strange. There were some MS security patches which caused issues with EV client. See links below. Instead of downgrading, perhaps you can try upgrading to EV12.2 client. The client will work (supports 1 server version up and down, client 12 supports evserver 11,12 and next release), and perhaps this resolves it. Support for EV11 is no longer available, but it might be possible to get some insight from support anyway on this.

You can run configure a client trace, perhaps that shows an issue.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Client trace

Regards. Gertjan

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Hi Edy,

we´re using EV12.1 with Outlook 2010 (tried different Outlook Versions, also the last one). Starting with KB2956078 the Outlook Search wasn´t working with the VirtualVault and VaultCache anymore. After uninstalling alle the office patches which came out after September 2017 and resetting the vault cache the search works as expected (this is not a solution or a valid workaround).

The Windows Search keeps on working and shows results from the vault cache - the Outlook Search not. We´ve opened a case for the issue at Veritas (171023-004467) a few months ago. Maybe you can also open a case for this and refer to my case. Veritas is working on this topic with Microsoft at the moment.



Sorry thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I didn't receive an email when someone replied to this thread. I'm glad we are not the only one. Maybe installing the client for version 12.1 is the best option than uninstalling all Upates.

Many thanks for your replies. Much appreicated



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Hi Edy,

Try upgrading the EV Addin to version 12.2.2 as this should fix these problems.


Hi Virgil,

the update doesn´t help for the issue that searching with Outlook isn´t possible in the Virtual Vault / Vault Cache.