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Outlook security patch KB4011178 breaks Enterprise Vault

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On at least Windows 1607 and 1703 (64-bit), when we applied KB4011178 to Outlook 2013 (32-bit) with a previously working Veritas Enterprise Vault add-in (including the latest version), the search vault button now does nothing at all. 

I have tested both and and both are broken.

Uninstalling KB4011178 restores the functionality.  As this is a security update, we need to roll out this patch.  Logging a support ticket now, but thought I'd pop this here so others can see.




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You might want to have a look at

Perhaps the registrykeys mentioned there can resolve the issue for you.

Regards. Gertjan

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In Outlook 2016 the Patch KB4011162 breaks EV.

That was a different issue from last month, where open a vaulted email didn't retrieve the contents.  The workaround was to add the registry keys, but since then 12.2.1 has come out to resolve this without the workaround.

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Found this:

Lots of add-ins are having issues.  I am now able to work around the issue by adding the following registry key on my PC, and will put this in GPO later for broader deployment:

Outlook 2013:



Outlook 2016:


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There is a technote available:


Enterprise Vault Search (EVS) button no longer works in Microsoft Outlook after installing Microsoft Security patches KB4011178, KB4011162, or KB4011196


thank you for the information regarding a possible workaround.


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I couldnt' find the policy to set that key (even after searching the ADMX & ADML files), so I set this via GPPrefs, dropping out "Policies" from the path, as Group Policy didn't like that:


If anyone knows the exact policy to set, and where it is, I'd appreciate it.

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The article has been updated with the verified workaround. 000128053



Are there any plans to release a permanent fix for the add-in? Our Security Analyst probably isn't going to allow me to roll out the registry change.

From MS:

If your home page is not associated with a default folder, or you want to choose to lower the security protection against malicious web pages, you can set this registry key to re-enable the original folder tab and rendering behavior:


This is currently being targeted for the next update to EV 12.2.2 which is due out early 2018.  

Until then the workaround to manually update the registry per Microsoft recommendation would be required.  



Ok, thank you.