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Override EVPM Script with Exchange Managed Content settings

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I have a customer who's over-used EVPM and applied folder level Retention Categories to more than they wanted. Now they want to change the Retention Categories of the items in those folders, specifically the Deleted Items and Sent Items folders. These folders currently have a 2 Year Retention Category but they need to have a 5 year Retention Category. We need to ensure that all of the items archived over the past 18 months receives the new 5 year Retention Category instead of preserving the 2 year Retention. The Update Retention Category setting is already set and this is EV 9.0 SP1.

Can we simply apply an Exchange 2007 Managed Content Policy targetting the Deleted Items and Sent Items folders to those Mailboxes, Disable/Re-enable those mailboxes in EV and then modify the associated Mailbox Archiving Policies to recognize the Managed Folder policies from Exchange to retro-actively apply the new Retention Categories to those folders?