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PST Collection Task Hanging

I ran the PST Collection task and it set all my PST that I want to migrate into a "Rady to Migrate" Status.

However, the PST Collector task still says "Processing". I checked the App log, and there are no errors.


I am on EV10.0.1. And yes, the Outlook clients are open, but I did confirm the PST's are set to read only. I do not want users to close outlook since my firm operates 24x7 with users always on. Even if they leave the office, the are bound to leave outlook open, EVEN if we inform them to close it.


I also did a refresh, as suggested in other posts. No luck.


I read that doing a server migration, the Outlook client CAN remain open. So the question now is, why is it still processing when all my PST's are ready to migrate.

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Is the PST Collector task

Is the PST Collector task scheduled?  If so, is it in it's scheduled window?


Also, if you want end users to be able to access the PST files while they are being archived you will need to use the client driven migration method.  For server driven, the Enterprise Vault needs exclusive access to the PST file.


Lastly, before anything will be migrated you will need a PST Migrator Task.

The PST Collector task is

The PST Collector task is scheduled, but I clicked Run Now since I did not want to wait until tonight.

User's cannot access their PST's. They get permission denied which is exactly how we set it on the policy.


The server has the access to the PST's since all the PST's are now in the PST Holding directory. My issue is the Task still says processing when it is clearly done.


And yes, my migrator task is scheduled but I do not want to run it until the collector task changes status from Processing to Running.


EDIT*** and we can not do client driven since our users do not want EV. Management is forcing them to use it so we can not allow users to migrate PST's when they want or how they want. It must be controlled by the server.

The Collector and the

The Collector and the Migrator Task work hand in hand and they will both need to be in a "Processing" status for the migration to work.  "Running" means just that.  It is in a running state but nothing is being handed to the Migrator task.


Are you familiar with the client driven method?  The end users aren't given a button that says "migrate my PST".  It is an automated process that is controlled by the Enterprise Vault user extensionss.  As soon as the end user opens Outlook, the migration process continues from where it left off before Outlook was closed.


I remember a long time ago and I can't remember if it was the PSTLocator.exe or PSTCollector.exe that would hang.  It was because multiple instances would be spawned and they would compete with another.  If you look in Task Manager do you see multiple instances?

We have users who store PST's

We have users who store PST's in various locations. We ONLY want want to migrate PST's in a certain location, not every location. Can this be done with Client driven?


Also, how would password protected PST's work?

PST Migrations aren't meant

PST Migrations aren't meant to be setup without knowledge of the feature.  I would strongly encourage you to read through Chapter 15 of the following guide.

Yea, as thought, client

Yea, as thought, client migration imports what outlooks determines and I lose control what to import. We will be sticking with server migratrations.

Back to the issue, how long will the task say processing? Shouldn't it go back to a "running" status after it finishes processesing all the users? It seems to stay on "Processing".

What schedule do you have

What schedule do you have configured?  I would think that if were outside of the scheduled window it should return to a running state.