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PST Collector error - "Could not get holding folder location disk space of"

Level 4

I am starting to see the following in the log file for the collector

** 27/05/2010 10:07:55 AM Could not get holding folder location disk space of \\Sydev01\Cache: Could not find file ''. **

Any ideas?  I've stopped and restarted colelctor and migrator.. no joy

Level 4
A dtrace of the PST Collector service or a snippet of it may show a different picture (permissions, the account PST Locator is running under, File no longer there etc)

Please follow the instructions in the technote below in order to obtain a Dtrace. 
Ensure you replicate the issue whilst the Dtrace is running and logging in order for the issue to be captured in the log.
i.e. Do a RUN now on the PST Collector Task 
Please Dtrace the following:
PST Collector

It may be worth logging a support call with us, if the problem isn't instantly obvious from the results of the trace.