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PST Export Issue - No Errors & No Files Exported

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We are looking to export our legal hold data out of a EV12.1 environment we acquired through an acquisition.  The archive PST export wizard and PowerShell commands seem straight-forward enough, but we can't get the exports to work at all.  With either method, the export processes and finishes with no errors, but no files are actually exported.  Example outputs below.


====Export Wizard Output File====

Archive Name: ExampleArchive
Archive Id: 1BExampleevsite
Output Directory: Y:\Example
Format: PST
Maximum Threads: 16
Maximum PST Size: 51200MB
Retry: False

The export has completed.

Items exported: 0
Items failed export: 0

Export Start Time: 6/9/2021 11:22:24 AM
Export End Time: 6/9/2021 11:22:32 AM
Processing Time: 0:00:08


====PowerShell Output Example====

PS D:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault> Export-EVArchive -ArchiveId 16Exampleevsite -OutputDirectory Y:\Exmaple -Format PST -MaxPSTSizeMB 51200

Export completed. 0 items exported. Duration: 0:00:04.


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That is a strange one, are there any entries in the EV application log?  

What about Discovery Accelerator, if you have that in the environment you can try exporting from there.  It might behave a bit better.


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I honestly feel like I have the same results commonly after I try to do it again after not doing it for a while. It's been a while and I forget but I want to suggest a message class, retention, or date filter not doing what I would expect or something like that? Naturally your archive has data that can be seen, right?

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If those items under Legal Hold are journaling items, be aware that (as far as I remember) a normal PST Export won't give you the (P1) Journaling Envelope, which might be important for your legal people as it includes DL Expansion, Sent on Behalf, etc.

This restriction might have changed with newer EV versions, not 100% sure....  

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It is my opinion that you should not export a Journal Archive to a PST file. I would only do this if your legal and compliance department gives you a written approval they will accept these results. I suggest to first try the export to PST using PST = 2048GB. The default is 20480 (20GB). As sidenote, PST of 50GB is not very reliable.. 

As you write "Legal Hold Data", is there a Discovery Accelerator installation (as Peter asks)? If so, export the hits from there. That gives you the 'legally accepted' exports.


Regards. Gertjan