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PST Import Failed on EV 12.3

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Hey guys,

I started an import job for a PST in my EV 12.3 over night, because it was a 30GB PST. :(

Now in the morning I got the following message:

Item has not been added to the storage queue because the remaining disk space of the queue has breached its threshold.

I have a 400GB HDD and 10% of that are 40GB.

I thought, that 40GB would be enough for importing, but did not know that there exists this 10% threshhold.

So now I changed this value to 2%, which are now 8GB of free disk space, which shall be enough in my eyes. (At least for the moment)

In the stated message I found the following sentence:

Archiving for ''xxx' will automatically try again later.

How can I monitor that the server is trying to continue the import job?

Sadly I closed the job window. Did I interupted now the ammend job?

What can I do now?

Hopefully somebody can help me out.



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The storage queue is used to put items in archives. One of the reasons that grows is if your Vault Store is in backup mode, or the Vault Store Partition is closed (due to being full).

If correct, if you rightclick Archives again, choose import, I believe you get a 'interrupted imports section'. I haven't done imports for a long time, so I am not sure about it. I do know that importing from a PST is that if items are imported, they are deleted from the PST. You could therefor start the import again for that PST, and it should do only items which have not been imported yet.

Regards. Gertjan


thanks for your reply.

I can't find a section "interupted imports".

And I did not set the checkbox to delete imported items of the PST file.

I am not a friend of automated deletions.

I have now tried import the PST file again, with the complete same settings which I chose the first time. It seams that the migration job starts now where it stopped before. Only new folders are now migrating. I will watch the migration job for some time and give you feedback afterwards. But I am optimistic, that there will be no duplicates in the target archive. *I keep my fingers crossed*

It worked. No duplicates.

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Excellent! Can you close this thread? Thanks!

Regards. Gertjan