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PST migration keeps failing

Hey guys,

we just gained the responsibility to support a further company and we will activate EV for them. In advance we have the task to import all their collected PSTs. Therefore I'm just creating the overall process and testing the PST import wizard in the backend.

My colleagues shared some old monitoring mails with me and I put them into several PSTs.
We want to move all PSTs in a folder called "_PST" and create shortcuts for the archived items. In the first tries the migration was always failing having the report telling me that there are no eligible items. After a while I checked the archive explorer and everything was there. So just the shortcuts have not been created.


EV: 10.0.4
Exchange 2010 RU11

PST Size: 50-100 MB

Mailbox size: 350MB

Mailbox quota: 3GB

So even if there was enough space in my inbox I have changed the quota to unlimited and in the next try even the shortcuts have been generated.

So my question is, why is the reporting of the PST migration so far awy from the reality?

EVENT 6742


PST Migration Report 
Migration status: Incomplete

Processing aborted due to an unrecoverable error. 
PST file: T:\PST_Import\Calendar 2013 Export.pst 
Archive Name: Myuser
Vault Id: 1B4AB8C031D5FD043B85394F308ED18241110000archive 
RetentionCategory: MBX JRNL Retention 
Exchange Server\Mailbox: NE-ML-DB05\Myuser
Number of folders processed: 4 
Number of items archived: 0 
Total size of items archived: 0 KB 
Number of items unable to be archived: 0
Number of items not eligible for archiving: 294 
Number of items moved to mailbox: 0 
Elapsed Migration Time: 0:0:6 (hours:minutes:seconds) 
Migration Rate: 0.00 MB/Hour 


What you see here is a PST migration, where everything is stored successfully, but with failing shortcut creation.

Is there anything I have to prepare for this process?

Kind regards,


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Re: PST migration keeps failing

From the looks:

It looks like you are importing Calendar entries. Calendar entries by default do not get shortcuts. (due to the shortcut having a different message class, which makes the item non-calendar items)

If my assumption is correct, try again using normal mails in the PST.

Are you creating the shortcuts in the PST? or in the mailbox?


Regards. Gertjan

Re: PST migration keeps failing

Hi GertjanA,

in one of the test PSTs I got calendar items, but not in all. We don't want to archive calendar items.
The shortcuts should be created in the associated mailbox.


Re: PST migration keeps failing

It seems like you have excluded whatever Message Class you are archiving.

What happens in EV is it marks the data as eligible. EV then writes the originals (not shortcuts) to the mailbox.

You can check that by comparing the size of all PSTs with the mailbox size.

Check if you have anything excluded from message classes that could be noticeable (like system message).


Sorry, but it is not that

Sorry, but it is not that simple. To simplify it and to verify the result I have created a PST with older emails from my company (not archived by EV).

There I just have picked 24 regular emails, no calendar entries, NDR's or something else.

I have now tried to import them and I instantly get the following error message:


PST Migration Report 
Migration status: Incomplete

Processing aborted due to an unrecoverable error. 
PST file: T:\PST_Import\EW_archive.pst 
Archive Name: "MyName"
Vault Id: 1B4AB8C031D5FD043B85394F308ED18241110000archive 
RetentionCategory: TEG MBX JRNL Retention 
Exchange Server\Mailbox: NE-ML-DB05\"MyName"
Number of folders processed: 3 
Number of items archived: 0 
Total size of items archived: 0 KB 
Number of items unable to be archived: 0
Number of items not eligible for archiving: 24 
Number of items moved to mailbox: 0 
Elapsed Migration Time: 0:0:5 (hours:minutes:seconds) 
Migration Rate: 0.00 MB/Hour 

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Although the report mentions there are no eligible items, they are all available in the archive via the archive explorer immediately.
Unfortunately no shortcuts are created.

Any further ideas?


Re: PST migration keeps failing

Have you tried to open the PST with Outlook? Do you get any errors there?

Re: PST migration keeps failing

PST opens fine. And now after I switched back to use default quotas I had my first successful import including shortcut processing.
Unfortunately the report seems not to be very consistent. I'm just gathering more PSTs to do more comprehensive tests.