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PST migration time

Am I right in thinking that the following PST file (which was 7Gb) finished its migration process at 23:15, or was the finish time when it failed to reset the read-only status (08:17)?

PST Migrator Task Report File: C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\Reports\PstMigTask_VWMEVMAIL_20100324193650.txt

   24/03/2010 19:36:50 PST Migrator Task started

Configuration Settings

   24/03/2010 19:36:50 Number of retries after a networking error: 7
   24/03/2010 19:36:50 Delay time before a retry after a networking error: 1 Day
   24/03/2010 19:36:50 Location of the holding folder: \\Vwmevmail\PST Holding
   24/03/2010 19:36:50 Location of the temporary files folder: \\EVserver\F$\EV Storage\PST Collection
   24/03/2010 19:36:50 Number of concurrent migrations: 10
   24/03/2010 19:36:50 Archive attribute reset denotes a PST has been backed up: False

Migration of PST: \\clientPC\C$\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Archive.pst

Migration Settings

Migration Start Time: 24/03/2010 19:42:03
Migration End Time:   24/03/2010 23:15:27
Migration Copy File:  \\EVserver\F$\EV Storage\PST Collection\Copy55.pst
Shortcut Mode:        Create shortcuts and move them to Exchange Mailbox

Include Deleted Items:              true
Set PST Hidden:                     false
Set PST Read-Only:                  false
Compact PST:                        false
Delete PST:                         true
Archive Non-Expired Calendar Items: true
Cancel Mailbox Auto-Archive:        true
Merge PST Folders:                  true

Migration Results

Number of folders processed: 533
Number of items archived to vault: 19029 of 19041
    - Number of items not eligible for archiving because of PST Migration Policy setting: 12
Number of items moved to mailbox:  19041 of 19041
    - Number of archived items moved to mailbox: 19029
    - Number of other items moved to mailbox: 12

PST Migration completed successfully

** 25/03/2010 08:17:07 Failed to reset read-only status on PST \\clientPC\C$\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\archive.pst: The network path was not found. **

2 Replies

my understanding

Hello Veera,

The migration of the items from the pst into the archive finished at 23:15
The writing of the shortcuts in the mailbox starts at that time.
The warning at 08:17 means that EV was not able to reset the status of the pst on the clientpc, probably because the users workstation was shutdown. (network path not found)

The results part indicates everything except 12 items were processed. (ie moved into the archive) the 12 not archived items have been moved to the mailbox. I'd call this a succes.

Regards. Gertjan

Thanks Gertjan. Further to

Thanks Gertjan. Further to the above:
  1. Why did the Migrator task wait until 08:17 until trying to reset the read-only status on the PST, was this because that's when the backup of the vault store was completed?

  2. Why would 12 items not be archived, I've checked the PST Migration policy and all message classes are ticked?
    Does the statement "items moved to mailbox" mean they were dumped into the Inbox, or merged into the folder structure inline with the Migration policy?