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Page file issue...

Level 5
What is the recommended Page File size for the EV Server for 3000 users? Should it be split up between drives? Should it be off the system drive?

Also, is it recommended to have /3GB switch in the Boot.ini file if we have 4GB of physical memory?

Are there any switches needed in the boot.ini file to increase system performance?

Level 6
As far as I know there is no recommended page size file for EV. You should move your MSMQ files off of your system drives though.

Also the /3GB switch is not recommended even if you have 4GB of memory.

Level 6
Partner Accredited
Performance is always a tough thing to measure as it's open to bias here...but the best practices I've always gone with are to split the page file amoungst disk spindles, and to keep them relatively small in relation to your total memory size. Really the answer here is to direct attach multiple logical (SAN based) or DAS physical disks to get spindles. Then split the page file amoungst them until you have at least the size of your total memory.