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Partition Rollover - NetApp

I'm having an issue when it comes to the way we would like to design our Enterprise Vault and NetApp storage using the Rollover feature, specifically with free space. I would like to have One Volume on the Netapp, Rollover Enabled in EV, based on 5% free in the partition space available. The reason I want to have this in one volume is to use NetApp's SIS. I could probably get away with doing this in a script which would query the drive space used in folder (each partition in it's own folder) and executing the powershell command to rollover the partition.

I'm looking for other ideas or anything else someone has come up with already ?

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EV 8 already comes with an

EV 8 already comes with an SIS feature. it does SIS on any vaults within the same Vault Store. If you keep the vaults in the same Vault Store then it does not matter how many volumes you used to store your data EV will do the SIS for you as it is done at the time of archiving and not once the data is stored on the Netapp volume

NetApp documents

I understand EV 8 has SIS but this is at the file level.  I'm looking to have this at the block level due to the fact I would like to also use SnapMirror from NetApp. According to  there is still a decent amount of savings.  Also the option within the store would have been taken away if this was no longer needed (I assume). "Device performs data duplication"
I'm still looking for a solution to this for the simple reason I don't want to create a new CIF every time I need a new parition.

Any other ideas of how I might get around this ?