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Permission needed for launching EVBAadmin


I need to give permission to a account so that it can launch EVBAadmin portal i.e http:\\localhost\EVBAAdmin. The account is local admin and I have provisioned the below permissions

Permissions on the Windows and ASP.NET temp folders
  • The Authenticated Users group must have Full Control permissions on both the Windows temp folder and the ASP.NET temp folder ( instructions ).. However, I am still getting the below error. " 

    "This page requires permissions which you currently do not have. See your Accelerator administrator if you need access." . I would like know which all permissions I need to grant to the account so that it can access EVBAadmin page.

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Re: Permission needed for launching EVBAadmin


As far as I know, the VSA is the only account which can access that link. I am not sure it is even possible to configure a seperate account to do so. Besides windows permissions, there are also some checks within EV being done before logging on to that site.


Regards. Gertjan