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Please Help regarding EVault and Office 365 Migration

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This environment has been dropped my lap as i am the only one that has a clue about archiving and Office 365. A previous company came in and completed a bunch of exports of the actual Mailboxes to PST files. Long story short, management wants to go directly to O365 and O365 Archiving. The Email migration has gone smoothly, with no issues, until I imported the PST files to O365 Online archiving mailboxes. ITs said to say, that even in the online archive folders, we are still seeing stubs for some messages.


Now the problem is, when I open the PST files either throught a software program, Outlook, etc, there is no stubs anywhere. Nothing. Zip. If you upload the PSTS to a new user's Online Archive that has never been on Evault, the PSTs complete succesfully, without any stubs in the Online Archive data. This seems to only happen for the actual evault user that was migrated to O365 and asssigned a an Online Archive mailbox. 


Please help as this is driving me crazy. Has anyone else expierenced this? 


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did the company export mailboxes or archives to pst ? An actual export of a pst from an archive can imo not contain any shortcuts. If they exported the mailboxes they of course, can contain shortcuts. 

The next big question is how the company handled shortcuts that were present in a users mailbox on prem. Did they delete all shortucts prior to migrating the mailbox by using a EV policy? If we ignore the pst part for a minute - does a migrated mailbox where no pst-import has been done so far contain any shortcut? you can use the search folder feature in Outlook to locate messages with the "IPM.NOTE.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut" message class. 

We struggled with some environments where removing EV functionality for a user / shortcuts in the mailbox prior to migrating has been forgotten. See also for some details. 




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it sounds like the email was exported from exchange and not from EV. that's why you're seeing shortcuts. i think you need the EV addin in order to see the shortcut icon, so that's why only previous EV users see it. the message class for shortcuts is ipm.note.enterprisevault.shortcut so that might be a good way to identify them without the EV addins displaying the shortcut icon instead of the regular envelope.