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Policy Application Order

Exchange 2003 SP2 & EV 7.0 SP1 (w/ a Tentative upgrade date of August 6th to EV 2007.)

Maybe I have just forgotten this from my 6.0 training, but how do you change policy application order? In the target window policies get a # in the left-most column, but I can't find how to change it.

Are policies set top to bottom or bottom to top in the policy target window, and what takes priority? Are policies cumulative to each other or not? Does "Whole Exchange Org" trump everything or can it be used as a bottom-most policy to catch everyone with default values?

I can forsee my organization having numerous policies that users will most likely fall under a few of. Unfortunately it is the nature of our organization. For example an entire OU (or Domain) will probably have 1 policy, while a group of 5 members inside that OU may be considered "Executive" or whatever and need a different policy. What is the best method to exclude these exec's from the OU policy and get them their own?

Thanks, all!
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Re: Policy Application Order

So are you on EV 7? then this should be easy...add a new provisional group...assign the required policy to it and add the 5 users are targets. make sure the new provisional group you just created has a lower rank than the default. You can change the ranking by right-clicking the provisional group container on the left hand plane of VAC.