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Post PST Migration issues

Hi, I am in the process of a PST migration rollout and and getting an issue once the PST migration completes successfully.  I am using the locate, collect and migrate tasks to do this.  What happens is the migrate completes successfully and sets the status to complete but then fails to make the PST read only or hidden as per the policy settings.  The only reason I can see why this is happening is because the report says there are a number of items not eligible for archiving.  This happens on every pst file and could cause a problem as I suspect that almost every PST file will have some items not eligible due to not matching the message classes settings etc. 

I am wondering (hoping) someone else has found a way around this same problem and can help.  I believe Symantec would say to scan each PST first for errors as best practice but obviously this is not scaleable when you are talking about thousands of PST etc.


An example of the mig report is as follows;


Migration Results

Number of folders processed: 15
Number of items archived to vault: 19540 of 19620
    - Number of items not eligible for archiving: 80
Number of items moved to mailbox:  0 of 0

PST Migration completed successfully


   11/02/2009 20:47:26 Migration of \\servername\g$\Users\Archive.pst has been successful, but the PST file contains items that could not be migrated. The PST file has not been set read-only. The PST file has not been set hidden.
   11/02/2009 21:07:07 Completed migration of PST: \\servername\g$\Users\Archive.pst


Many Thanks,RT.


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PST migration fails but reports completed

I have similar problems with a few PST's. Repairing these PST's with scanpst.exe does not resolve the problem.
Do believe I found something that could be related: there are some messages in these PST's that contain Japanese characters.
Going to try to locate and remove all these messages and then retry the migration...

Maybe you can check if you have similar messages in your PST's ?


Do you need any more

Do you need any more assistance with this? If a post solved your problem, can you mark that as the Solution? Thanks & Regards Michel

cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

PST migration fails but reports completed

Japanese characters have nothing to do with it, I got 3 other PST's now that do not import.
Scanpst does not resolve the problem.

What things can I check ?


PST Migration - Importing Digitally Signed Messages Fails

Hello -

Has anyone experienced the problem of digitally signed messages not archiving? Message class is set in my directory properties and PST migration policy (IPM.Note.SMIME.Multipartsigned) but these types of messages will not archive, and trying to import them into an archive fails with event ID 28935 - Error: Class not registered [0x80040154]

I was provided a hotfix last month that was supposed to fix the issue but it doesn't appear to be working. The hotfix did fix some other issues I had been having with abnormal errors on migrations so I will provide that link here for anyone who may need it.

Any suggestions or comments about the signed messages problem would be greatly appreciated.

Link to September 2009 hotfix: