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Powershell in EV - How to report in a User is enabled for archiving ?

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As above ive found very little about any EV CMDLETs, i would like a simple or even complex command where it can take a username and look over our cluster of EV servers to see if that person is enabled for archiving.




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I think you can get this from SQL. It is not a powershell command yet I believe.

something like 'use EnterpriseVaultDirectory

select MbxDisplayName, MbxAlias, MbxNTUser, MbxNTDomain, MbxArchivingState

from ExchangeMailboxEntry

Where MbxDisplayname like '%part of displayname%'


mbxarchivingstate 0 = not enabled

1 = enabled

2 = disabled

check to see if mbxarchivingstate = 1 for the user you look for.


Regards. Gertjan

Thanks, was hoping to build a tool that could ADHOC report this.  SQL isnt the best option for this i guess

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Why not, I have also build a tool that queried the EV SQL Server for different checks.

Just don't query to many things to not burden the sql to much.


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Hi cc, what checks? can you share the SQL you use? Might be helpfull for others.

Regards. Gertjan

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Hi Gertjan,

the tool is actually in testphase and not everything is finished.

I would not like to post incomplete/unoptimized scripts, as they can lead to confusion or failures

They checks I do are mostly for maintainance and reporting to management.

Optimally this tool would be everything the customer needs to know/do with EV.


At the moment I mainly use SQL and Archiving Report.

The start gui is a check of EV environment: (management/savings)

1. did archiving run on server X. (green/red)

2. how high is the compression rate for archived files (%)

3. What are the most archived filetypes by volume (List of Filetypes)

4. how many items are unsecured (number)

5. where there problems with the Journal (green/red)(network/Service/Eventlog)


Second page will be for daily EV tasks 

1. activating AD users/groups by typing the name

2. Eventlog Warning comon mistakes (green red) + solution

3. Errors/not provisioned Users/Pending Items. (green/yellow/red)

4. migrate PST to user.

5. Most Important information of a User X. 

6. Fragmentation Warning of EV databases (EV Status seems inaccurate, green/red)


and a few other things...