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Powershell scripting - Restoring email items in a folder

How can I automatically restore entries in specific folders?

Is there an Enterprise Vault cmdlet for powershell?  Where is it?

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the EV powershell commands

the EV powershell commands are for administrative tasks. you cant restore specific emails in a folder via powershell but there's a bunch of ways to do it depending on what version of EV you're on. might be easiest to just use the EV Toolbar in Outlook depending on your specific requirments.

Hi GWilliams2014, Here is the

Hi GWilliams2014,

Here is the PowerShell cmdlet reference guide for EV 11:

Enterprise Vault 11.0 PowerShell cmdlet reference guide

If you want to restore an entire folder in Outlook, you can use the Outlook toolbar or the Export to PST wizard, select the mailbox option and specify a folder path.

I hope this helps.

I dont think you can restore

I dont think you can restore emails to folder using powershell.

When you launch the Enterprise Vault search you  can select one or more items and use Copy to mailbox option -Selected Folder . If you wish to restore emails to specific folder.

As suggested by Gabe, you have the export to Zip functionality available in Ev 11 search but it would not restore the emails to the folder in Outlook.

Well ... I was referring to

Well ... I was referring to the export option from the EV admin console (right click over Archives > Export ...). This wizard allows you to export items back to the mailboxes removing any EV shortcuts.

I hope this helps.

GWilliams, did you get what

GWilliams, did you get what you needed here? i think your question was answered in the first reply but let us know if you need anything else.