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Powershell to import multiple PSTS


I have been looking to imports hundreds of PSTs that are stored on a flat file system. I ended up developing a powershell script to perform the job.

It takes a template ini file or an existing ini file as input. Based on the type of ini file provided it will either generate a new ini file to be used for importing or just use existing ini file provided.

It will target a folder containing all the PSTs. 

Detailed help provided within the script.

I have attached, the script, template ini and ini generated by the script.

Hopefully this helps the EV community.

Any suggestions are welcome.




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Re: Powershell to import multiple PSTS


Thanks for sharing this. On the one hand, it's a very useful tool for a common EV use case. On the other hand, the fact that you had to write this really highlights how much we need an easy-to-use Import-EVPstFile cmdlet in the product...

Also, good on you for full documentation using PowerShell's comment-based help! That's quality scripting right there. Keep up the good work.