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Preferred Approach to migrating EV Mailbox Archives into O365

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I am in the planning stages of an O365 Migration (involved from the EV side) and am interested as to the most common approach to ingesting the EV Mailbox Archives into the O365 environment.

I see we could export to PST and then import to O365, Import back to the original mailbox prior to O365 migration, use a third party tool such as Archive Shuttle - and possibly more I am not aware of.

The customer does NOT want to retain EV Mailbox archives so no consideration for linking O365 back to EV - either on-prem or EV.Cloud.

There are approx 2000 archives involved here, so automation is key.

If you have done this what method did you use and why ?




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We've been doing these kind of migrations for a long time with lots of success stories.
While you can certainly go the manual route, it will involve a lot of tears, and will take you a long time. (Handling all these exports / imports manually is absolutely not fun)

Using a specialized tool makes the whole process much more manageable. You can also easily deal with things like leaver archives etc. On top of that there are automated workflows dealing with Shortcuts and the likes.

cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

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If cost is an issue, I would invest in a tool that can migrate archive back to mailbox (as MichelZ describes). Then migrate mailbox to cloud.

I believe there is a charge for importing PST's into an O365 mailbox. When you have large archives, cost will easily surpass the license cost for a migration tool.

Regards. Gertjan

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Hello @SYM-AJ 

As an advocate for Enterprise Vault, it is sad to learn that you have taken the decision to move away from Enterprise Vault. However, I suggest you have a look at this link and see if it helps you in re-considering your decision; 

Office 365 Protection and Governance -

Despite the above considerations, if you still want to make the call of moving to O365 and are considering economic as well as best in class options, then feel free to reach out to me at


Sheldon Dsouza