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Prevent "other" Exchange permissions to be synced to archive

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Hello Folks,

We have a client that wants to be able to switch off the permission-synchronization from Exchange.

So if user B has permissions on user As mailbox, the user B should NOT automatically get permissions on user As archive.

We were testing with the option "Inherited permissions" in the Mailbox Policy after Zapping the archive permissions.

Any ideas welcome. Also if you know for certain that syncing the permissions is "builtin" and not possible to switch off.




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Hello Holger,

I assume you want as result only the mailbox to have access to it's own archive? How about groupmailboxes? anyway.

I would test with the following settings set to off.

Exchange Mailbox Policy, tab Advanced, dropdown Archiving General:

Include default and anonymous permissions = off

Inherited permissions = off

Synchronize folder permissions = off



Regards. Gertjan

The above steps will not prevent access to accounts that have been given access directly to the mailbox, either in the AD/Exchange or delegated.  These permissions are built-in and can only be removed or denied manually.

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Ah yes. I missed that the permissions were set on the mailbox. that does sync automatically.

Regards. Gertjan