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Problem Synchronizing Virtual Vault to User

Hello together,
we have a problem with the outlook add-in virtual Vault sync:
After synchronizing all itemns to the lokal vault cache on the client pc, there is noc PST Migrations Folder shown.

So I ran a ClientLogging, here is the output:
11/06/2010 05:28:28.398: HDRSmiley FrustratedCHED: Log file created (level 0).
11/06/2010 05:28:28.400: HDRSmiley FrustratedCHED: Last good sync. time is in an invalid format:80004005. 0 will be used instead
11/06/2010 05:31:47.484: HDRSmiley TongueST: Attempt to get folder by PVID ( that does not exist
11/06/2010 05:31:48.119: HDRSmiley FrustratedYNC:ARC: Synchronization failed (std::exception):A PSTCacheTreeNoFolderException exception occurred: PSTCacheTreeFolder does not exist for PVID:
11/06/2010 05:32:02.099: CONTENT:BUILD: We are NOT using the proxy infrastructure
11/06/2010 05:36:58.997: HDRSmiley TongueST: Attempt to get folder by PVID ( that does not exist
11/06/2010 05:36:59.037: HDRSmiley FrustratedYNC:ARC: Synchronization failed (std::exception):A PSTCacheTreeNoFolderException exception occurred: PSTCacheTreeFolder does not exist for PVID:
At the moment we ran the Version 8.0.4 with alle Hotfixes, an dOutlook 2003 on a Windows XP Machine. 

I tried reset the Vault Cache 3 times, but the problem still exists
The User synchronising the Items has a ü (german u umlaut) in his username, can this be a problem?
Thanks in advance.

Hermann Nachtigal
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Is this affecting a single user

Are you getting this problem with a single user - other users sync OK?
The error in the log points to an inconsistency in the archive data being received by the client from the EV server.
It might be worth reindexing the affected user archive, reset Vault Cache, and try to sync again.
If that does not work then it will probably require more in depth trouble shooting.


Have you tried running

Have you tried running resetEVClient.exe; this is within .....\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EVClient, and then open Enterprise Vault Diagnostics and click on reset?

If that does not work, how about close Outlook & renamed ...\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeX\FORMS\1033 to 1033OLD, and then launch Outlook; 1033 folder will be rebuild. Then go to Outlook’s Help tab, click on Office Diagnostics to run a repair. After that, Enterprise Vault Diagnostics and click on reset.

Hello Richard, this problem

Hello Richard,
this problem only affects on this user, other user sync works without problems.

I reindexed the Archive, then I run the EVResetClient.exe from lokal client computer, after that I
Resetet the vault cache and synchronised again.

After that all the Problem still exists.

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance

Hello vieyoung, yes, I tried

Hello vieyoung,

yes, I tried to run the reset EVClient.exe, => problem still exists.

Tried rename the Outlook folder and repair Office like you wrote => problem still exists.

I tried to synchronise the Users Archive with the Same User on another PC, on this PC I have the same problem.

I think the Problem must be on Users Site or on the Server.

any other ideas?

The problem is to do with the user archive on the server

The indexing data that is being used to build the cache on the client machine during the sync is referencing a folder (with pvid identifier: that, for some unknown reason, does not exist in the folder hierarchy. The folder hierarchy that is used for Vault Cache sync is the same as used for archive explorer.

To get an idea what folder name this identifier refers to, you can use EV web search, this will also show how many items are involved.
When logged in as the problem user, browse to: <evserver>/EnterpriseVault/search.asp?advanced=3
In "Other Attribute" Name: enter "pvid" (no quotes), in "Other Attribute" Value: enter "", then hit the search button.
The folder is shown for each item, just after the date and time.
I imagine that if you use archive explorer you will not see the folder that was identified in the search above.

Are there a lot of items in this folder?

Hello Richard, you are right,

Hello Richard,

you are right, I can search the pvid folder and all 1500 Items were listed from this folder.

But I cant see the Folder with the searched pvid in the Archive Explorer.

Yes 1500 Items in the folder.

And 35000 in the PST Migrations folder, round about 12 GByte E-Mail Stuff, only in the PST Folders.

Is there a way to recreate the folder hierarchy?

Thanks in advance.


Does the folder show in Archive Explorer?

Check document:
and possibly:

I've seen the issue described in 317799 happen several times. Easiest way to fix was to follow procedure.
In your case, check with support, there might be a fix or a tool to help out (if it is indeed the issue you are seeing....)

Good luck.
Regards. Gertjan

Gertjan, You might be on the


You might be on the right lines with that.  We've seen a couple of issues of late with imported data (from PSTs) where a "second" Top of Information Store folder has been created, and this doesn't show in Archive Explorer or Virtual Vault.

So..  try doing :-

select * from archive

Identify the Archive you are having problems with, and make a note of the RootIdentity column.

Then do :-

select * from root where rootidentity = number-obtained-from-above

Now  make a note of the VaultEntryID, and do this query :-

select * from archivefolderview where archiveveid = 'id-from-above'

You may see something liket this :-

The procedures that Gertjan outlined may help correct that.

Working for


Hello Rob,

would that be related to the language used?
As hermann indicates, this might be on a german system. from your screenshot, the first line (sommet de la banque d'informations) is Top of Information Store in french I think.


Regards. Gertjan

Hello, thanks for the


thanks for the tips.

Thats right, I have 2 root Folders after a PST Import. => one is in german (Parent Folder from Exchange) the other in english language (From PST Import).

I just tried 2 other User to import their PST Files, the Problem is the same, They all cant see the PST Migrations Folder under the root directory of the
Vault Cache and the ArchivExplorer.

The Import with Version 8.0 SP3 had no problems, I think the problem exists after the Update to SP 4.

Thanks for other solutions.


Hello Hermann,

Call support. They MIGHT !!! be abel to help you fix this using a tool.

If not, the only solution seems to be:
Disable user for archving
export archive to pst
delete archive (can take a while)
enable user for archiving, create new archive
import pst

Good luck.

@Rob, seems to be language problem, import not correctly recognizing Top of information store in other languages?
Regards. Gertjan

Well, sort of a language

Well, sort of a language issue..

The "Top of Information store" is in English regardless of which language client logs in to the mailbox fist on any "modern" flavour of Exchange.  By modern I mean post Exchange 2000 SP 2.  Remember that the language of the folders in the mailbox is determined by the first client that logs in.

HOWEVER many people are "discovering" that they have mailboxes which existed on (for example) Exchange 5.5, or Exchange 2000 base, and have then been upgraded/migrated through lots of other flavours of Exchange right up to (say) Exchange 2007 SP 2 Rollup 4.

So, as per my screenshot, I have "Top of Information Store" in French... when I do a PST import, we don't "see" the foreign language TOIS, we just create an English one, because it's not present.  This then breaks Virtual Vault and Archive Explorer.

This isn't specific to a flavour of EV.  Archive Explorer would be broken no matter what version of EV you used, and Virtual Vault in all versions / service packs that that is available.

We are working on ability to fix this up .. which should be available "soon".
Working for

Good to know.

Thanks Rob for the explanation.
Regards. Gertjan

Hello Rob, so when I

Hello Rob,

so when I understood you right, the imorted files only chrashed because I imported the PST Files from the Server Konsole and the
PST migration process can not  allocate the right language.

The Problem shouldnt exist when I do a Client Driven mirgration?

If your fix is ready, do I have to reimport all PST Files new? Or will the Problem be fixed in Archive Explorer and Virtual Vault (Outlook AddIn)?

So I have to wait for the fix in wich the problem will be solved?

Thanks a lot for your help.

No, it's not relevant which

No, it's not relevant which method you used to import the PSTs.

No, you won't have to reimport the PSTs, the fix will correct the database.

In theory the problem will be solved with the fix Smiley Happy
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Hello Rob,

is that the right KB-Article to your guess?

"Archive Explorer does not display items imported from PST"

If it's so. It's not marked as a bug and there is no eTrack-ID.

Should we open a official case to push it?

Thanks and Kind Regards


I've asked the Support

I've asked the Support Engineer to update the technote.

No there is no need to open an official case to push it.

Hope that helps,
Working for


Hello Rob,

we will keep an eye on this Thread and wait for a fix.



You're welcome.

You're welcome.
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