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Problem restoring item from Enterprise Vault Archive



There is one user that have problem restoring a file in Enterprise vault, he dont get an error message, i cant see any faults in eventlog .

When he click restore the icon changes to the enterprise vault restore icon (with the clock) then it stops. He cant open the mail he cant store it again. Since it dosent show any error messages im kinda out of ideas. tried to wait over night thought maybe the backup would help. tried restarting archiving and provsioning task. Any ideas?

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Is it all users?  If yes, do

Is it all users?  If yes, do are run now on the provisioning task and make sure it completes successfully.

If it is just a few users, have you verified they are in a provisioning group?

1. Expand "Targets" in the Vault Administration Console.

2. Right-click on "Exchange" and select "Display Policies Assigned to Mailboxes". (Figure 1)

Figure 1

3. Type in the user's last name and click on Find at the bottom of the page.

Hi, Please sent  kError in


Please sent  kError in windows envent logs


Dtrace output

Hi hystad, I would recommend

Hi hystad,

I would recommend using DocMessageClass against those problem mails and purge the R2 queue with those items in it to begin with, then try to restore again but this time Dtrace the operation to see what EV is doing with them and what problems we are having.

DocMessageClass  -



Trace the below processes:-

  1. AgentClientBroker
  2. RetrievalTask
  3. StorageRestore


Once you have the Dtrace we will be able to help a bit more, if you can post a link to the trace in the forums we can download it and look through it.


You could also try to restore the item via Archive Explorer, this may well give you the same situation again though but it is worth a try.

Hi..   If the issue is just



If the issue is just with one user, I would recommend to check if the user has connectivity to the EV Server..

you can try open ArchiveExplorer on the user's machine and see if you can restore items from there..


And as Ben suggested provide us the Dtrace wil Client trace to help you find out the Root cause..




Ive only heard from one user,

Ive only heard from one user, he can restore other items, He can still open the items he is trying to restore. Tried setting QueueTimeout to 100 and restart MQ service, but no luck

ill try a d-trace


Is it happening

Is it happening intermittently on certain item or entire mailbox? Does this issue follow when you create profile of this user in other machine? Do you see anything specific related restoration in client log?

Hi Hystad,   Do you have any

Hi Hystad,


Do you have any update and if you have a dtrace captured then please upload it...

If this is affecting one user

If this is affecting one user only, I'd have the user logging in another computer to and see if you can recreate the issue. Also, you can delete and re-create the Outlook profile. If the user can restore other items I would check the properties of that particular shortcut and confirm if the shortcut belongs to that user's archive. If the shortcut belongs to another archive, EV will try to restore an item that doesn't exist in that archive.

I hope this helps.