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Problem with Import pst on Office 365

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Good evening.
We are migrating from Exchange 2007 on-premises to Office 365.
I imported a .pst that I had exported via the export function of EV but I have a problem.
By the web interface of office 365 we don't see the messages but only a preview: it asks me to hang on to EV.
What are we doing wrong?
Thanks for your help


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So you used EV to export an archive to PST but after importing the PST into O365 you can't see the messages in the mailbox?

Exporting the EV archive to PST won't remove the EV Shortcuts, so could be that is what you are seeing in the mailbox.

How did you import the PST?


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it sounds like you're looking at shortcuts like tony suggested. did you import the PST into the same folder structure in the mailbox or into it's own folder, for example "PST Import" ?

in any case, how many archives do you need to do this for? we can help you with the migration.

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You have probably not removed the shortcuts in the mailboxes before EXCHANGE migration.

This way you have shortcuts in the mailboxes that do not have a reference.

As Andrew said, are those shortcuts under a subfolder like "PST-Import" with a subfolder that is named after the PST file? This would mean that the migration didnt work.

If the shortcuts are in regular mailbox folders, the shortcuts are not from PST Migration.



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Hi all.

Thanks for your kindly answer.

At this time we not start the migration from exchange to Office 365, but we are testing the environment.

We start with first mailbox-pst migration with this issue.

To import the .pst file we used the azcopy on Azure Storage tools.

After that we use data migration from file to import the mailbox.

Tomorrow i will check the folder - subfolder and I will let you know.

Have a nice day,


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In this case might be you remover the shortcut in the mailbox before migration. So now you have the shortcuts but don’t have references. And the migration is not worked.


I recommend a third party tool to import Outlook email in Office 365 without loss of any data. 

Try a third party tool

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Import PST file directly into Office 365 using a third party tool

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In my opinion this thread has become a spamming ground for every PST import into o365 solution that can post with low cred users pointing to their canned solution on a thread that was addressed years ago. I will try to figure out how to report to the moderators and request this be closed to prevent eternal notification on dead threads. If anyone see's otherwise and find this thread still adding value please speak up.