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Problems enabling RMS with Journaling in Enterprise Vault to decrypt Microsoft AIP

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We're in the process of rolling out Microsoft Azure Information Protection in our environment, and are running into some problems I'm hoping someone here may have some ideas about. We're running Enterprise Vault 12.5 configured to use Journaling with our on prem Exchange 2013.

After seeking help from support, we followed this document to enable RMS with the exception of the SMTP portions, which do not apply to our configuration

Testing the configuration/connection in the site properties works, but the messages are still all encrypted when we do a search using Discovery Accelerator.

Veritas support escalated the issue, and came up with two options:
1. Journaling may work but isn't a documented configuration, and they suggested hiring a consultant to help if we want to keep this configuration.

2. Convert from Journaling to SMTP archiving, but they said this will only work with O365, so our current on prem Exchange would be incompatible.

Has anyone had any success getting AIP to decrypt using on prem Exchange with Journaling?


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On 2, what kind of BS is that?

<edit, or does VRTS mean RMS decryption only works for O365 journal items?> 

We're running SMTP Archiving to journal from both on-prem and O365. As long as you get the connectors correct, it'll work like a charm. We're archiving over 3 million messages a day, where most come from O365.

We're NOT using RMS decryption, but I am 110% sure you can use SMTP Archiving for on-prem also.

Regards. Gertjan

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Hello @ChelanCoPUD 

SMTP Archiving DOES work with Exchange 2013 on-prem. If the scenario involves AIP, then that's is something that may need investigation and like Support suggested, a consultant to work on this. 

"Using Enterprise Vault SMTP Archiving. Exchange Server uses an Exchange Send Connector to send the j... "

You might want to configure SMTP Archiving for Exchange and then follow the TN shared with you earlier by Technical Support and see if that helps. 

Let us know how it goes and folks like @GertjanA and I are always here to help. 

Sheldon Dsouza

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There are really 2 options you have when you want to journal AIP encrypted emails in decrypted form in EV. 

1. Use Exchange 2013 Journal report decryption - it works great with EV SMTP archiving as well as traditional Journal Mailbox archiving. We use both of these methods. However note Journal report decryption only supports Exchange premium journal rules.

2. Use the native RMS decryption feature available in EV 12.5. For this to work you need to turn off Exchange Journal report decryption and Enable RMS decryption settings in EV. 

Hope this helps.