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Problems opening archived emails

Level 3

Today we have started experiencing issues with our enteprise vault v6 sp 2 installation (with exchange 2003). We keep getting issues opening archived emails whereby the prompt comes up stating that the item is being located, the blue bar moves accross very slowly and then you get an unable to open item error message. Restarting the EV and or IIS service seems to cure it for a little while but then the same problem. Once this problem has happened, subsequent archived items being opened are simply met with the 'error opening this item' type message. We have also seen 'internal server' error messages. Really not sure how to troubleshoot this one or what might be causing the issue so would appreciate some help.

Level 6
Reece, sounds like this is happening to everyone in the org at once. Is that right?

If so then something's happened on your vault server most likely to change the behavior. Any error messages anywhere? How about the IIS logs?

Any new software or updates installed recently that might be affecting your user's ability to browse out to the server?