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Procedure for moving entire EV environment into AWS?

Hi all,

Not sure if there is a documented procedure somewhere on how to achieve this but currently we are running EV9 on virtual machines that are hosted out of our datacentre.

As part of the upgrade process to EV10 (and then EV11) we are looking to move our current environment into Amazon, we have previously setup a new production database server which we would move the existing databases to and we would be launching new instances in place of our existing EV servers.

I assume the process will go something like;

- Migrate databases from existing DB server to new DB server in AWS

- Test current EV server/environment is moving once this migration has occured

- Deploy new instance in AWS for new EV server and install EV10

- Prepare existing EV server for migration / create migration package using EVSSM wizard

- Migrate EV data using Amazon S3 storage migrator

- Update DNS records etc

- Decomission old environment

Once everything is moved and working as EV10 we would look to do the in-place upgrade to version 11.

Has anyone completed this process and can shed any light on problems we may encounter? Or perhaps steps that I have missed/should pay more attention to?

I have relevant user guides for most of the steps I have outlined above but I am weary I may be missing/forgetting something so thought I would post here in hopes someone else has achieved what we are looking to do.

Thanks in advance,


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i dont think anyone has done

i dont think anyone has done this before, although, i heard something about an EV offering in azure. are you working with a partner?

No one has EV running out of

No one has EV running out of AWS? I just assumed that most people would be moving towards this, and the fact they have userguides outlining how to migrate EV data using Amazon S3 migrator tool made me think it was possible.

Can you think of any limitations as to why this sort of setup would not work?

We have a partner who we acquire our software/licensing through but would be looking to do this upgrade in-house ourselves.

S3 support, as well as many

S3 support, as well as many other cloud storage providers, has been around for a couple years. however, that's for secondary storage migration. you're asking about AWS which i believe is completely different - except they're both services provided by amazon.