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Processing Items in SMTP Holding Folder

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Following Gertjan recommendation I will start a new thread.

If you have failed items in an Enterprise Vault server with SMTP Service installed, but you have more EV servers on the site with SMTP service configured with address rewriting to archive from the same target, can you move the content from one Holding Folder to the Holding Folder of another server to archive this items?

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,



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Hello David,

Thanks! I assume you use EV11.x? Target Address rewriting is used to change the Journal Enveloppe to define into which archive it goes right? We use EV12.3, which has a different functionality (much easier). In 12.2, the following was introduced. Instead of using adress rewriting, you define the receiving target email-address. Then in EV, you define which archives (yes multiple archives) should get the message. In my environment, I have 5 EV SMTP Archiving servers, and a hardware Load balancer between Exchange and EV. In EV Console, Targets, SMTP, Manual Targets. first Target Email Address = On the properties of that address, there is a tab called Archives. I have defined 5 Vault Stores with each having a partition on a storage device with hardware retention of 2 years.On that tab, I have 5 archives defined. 1 2 year archive per Vault Store. Then, no matter where the message arrives, it gets archived into the archive local to the SMTP archiving server. This allows moving messages from server A to server B, and get processed without issues (tested and verified!).The same for the other retention periods I have.

As for Target rewriting, that rewrites the initial journal address (jnl02y) to something like jnl02y_srv1, or jnl02y_srv2 etc (right?). This indicates the archive where the item needs to go. I GUESS (!! but that hopefully gets confirmed by others) that if you move a rewritten item to another server, it still will go into the archive belonging to the rewrite, but that does mean there will be traffic between the EV servers themselves. (MSMQ outgoing queues?). This also implies that if server 2 is down, these messages will/can not be archived, because the target EV server is not available.

If you are able to use the 'new' way of using SMTP archiving, that would ease your life a lot. For instance, shutting down one server causes no issues, as the other 4 just pick up the messages.(the LB will see 1 server down, and routes the messages to the remaining ones)

I hope someone else (possibly from VRTS) can confirm above.

Regards. Gertjan

Hi Gertjan,

I have EV 12.1, you can configure address rewriting as explained in Appendix C.

Target mail can be journaling@smtp.local and then using address rewriting you can store this mails in vault stores on different servers using the same original address and changing them to SRV1-journaling01@smtp.local and SRV2-journaling02@smtp.local.

Let me change the original question, let's say that storage service fails on SRV1 but SMTP service is still working. Holding Folder still receive .eml files because de SMTP service is still running but can't archive them due to the storage service failing. Can you move this .eml to the Holding folder in SRV2 so they can be archived?

In this case LB will still see SRV1 up because the SMTP is up, but SRV2 can't send mails to SRV1 archive because storage service in SRV1 is failing.


Kind regards,


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Hi David, I am sort of aware of the rewriting stuff.

SRV1-journaling01@smtp.local and SRV2-journaling02@smtp.local.

I am not sure if SRV2 will process a message which is actually targeted at SRV1. there is only 1 way to find out. Stop services on SRV1, except SMTP service. Copy 1 message to a folder on SRV2, see if it gets archived.

I'm sure support can answer this question also.

Regards. Gertjan