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Prohibit send vs Prohibit send and receive setting

Level 5
Our users have Exchange storage limits set at 50000 for Prohibit send at and 100000 for Prohibit send and receive at.  We're using provisioning groups and have them set to automatically enable mailboxes when the task runs nightly.  We do not have any limits set in Enterprise Vault on the archives and are not using quota-based limits.
We had an instance where a user was added to the provisioning group and he seemed to get archive enabled, but did not receive the Welcome message and was not able to Store in Vault until he cleaned up his mailbox.  I'm assuming that he was over this limit which prevented the Welcome message from being generated and also prevented any shortcuts from being created.  After he cleaned up "some", things started working.
Can someone validate that it's only the Prohibit send and receive limit that causes issues with users?  Does Enterprise Vault somehow rely on the ability to Send as the user to generate the Welcome message or stubs? 
Just want to make sure we are giving our admins the right guidance on if they need to be under 50 or 100 MBs for archiving to work as expected.

Level 2
We use Prohibit Send set to 150000 and have found that the migration of PST files into the StorageVault will fail if the user is close to their Quota limit.  Either removing the quota limit or cleaning up the mailbox fixed this for us.
We don't set the Prohibit Send & Receive at all.