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Public Folder archiving - update moved shortcuts

Good afternoon,

I am archiving public folders with Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 on Exchange 2013. We've configured EV to create shortcuts in the public folders for all archived items, but so far, they are never deleted. But now we want to configure shortcut deletion.Unfortunately, in the meantime people have moved EV shortcuts inside the public folders, meaning they have "reorganized" some folders". But in Enterprise Vault search, when I explore the Public Folder archive, the shortcuts remain at the place where they were initially archived.

So my question is: is it possible in any way, to have Enterprise Vault update the location of the archived items in the Public Folder archive, when the appropriate shortcut on Exchange is moved?
I can see, that when I move an entire folder under another top folder, this is reflected in the archive. It's only not working for single shortcuts.

Thanks a lot for your time!

Kind Regards,

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Re: Public Folder archiving - update moved shortcuts

sorry for the late response, but i don't know any way. maybe via sql.

another interessting question is, how folders in a pf structure get syncronized ins evs after a folder restructure activity?