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Publish EV for Outlook Anywhere Users


I need a clarification regarding the publication of the enterprise vault site.

Lets say we have a EV Server with a vault site name EVSITE - no domain suffix was added during the configuration.
For interns, EV is available via http://evsite/enterprisevault

We also have a external customer domain The customer now wants EV to be available via RPC over HTTPS, so was published. But, if external users click an element in outlook the site http://evsite/enterprisevault is called. 

Will the RPC over HTTP Connection and Proxy URL Setting in the Desktop Policy change this behaviour?

I would set the connection to "Use proxy" and the url to "" 

So the EV is reachable for interns at http://evsite/enterprisevault and as soon as Outlook is in Outlook Anywhere mode it would contact" - correct?



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Re: Publish EV for Outlook Anywhere Users

You are correct in this.

Check this technote: