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Query Exchange Journal archive size for EV12.4.2 without EV Reporting being installed

Level 2

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to determine the total uncompressed size of messages ingested into the Exchange Journal archives since they were established, and also between during two periods of time.

I've looked through the archives here, but the suggested queries seem to come from circa 2015, and don't work against later database.

Would anyone have any tips for these queries against EV 12.4.2 without Reporting being installed?

Thanks in advance.


Level 2

Hi everyone,

The solution has been found. The existing scripts did work, however the Queries did not work unless the Vault Store database was selected using the Use statement.


Use EVVSExpressVaultStore_2

SELECT A.ArchiveName,
COUNT(S.ItemSize) "No. Archived Items",
SUM(S.ItemSize)/1024/1024 "Total Size (GB)"
FROM Saveset S,
ArchivePoint AP,
EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.Root R,
EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.Archive A
WHERE S.ArchivePointIdentity = AP.ArchivePointIdentity
AND AP.ArchivePointId = R.VaultEntryId
AND R.RootIdentity = A.RootIdentity
AND S.IdDateTime < DATEADD(year, -5, getDate())
AND ArchiveName like '%Journal%'
GROUP BY A.ArchiveName
ORDER BY A.ArchiveName


This was based on the original link located here -