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Query Mailbox for Vaulted Items Count

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This might be more of an Exchange question but is it possible as an administrator to query a users mailbox to see how many items are in the Vault? I can do this using Outlook search folders but I either need to get the user to do this or grant myself read on the users mailbox and connect to it and create a search folder. Wondering if Search-Mailbox CMDLET or the like could do this?


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I think you could use this method to report how many shortcuts are in a users mailbox but not actual archived items. There are reports native to EV which tell you this. Does the Vault Store Usage reporter or EV Reporting fail to meet your needs in some way?

Yes, its the view from the mailbox I'm interested in. I recently restored a users mail from vault but some shortcuts remained in their mailbox.

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That might have several reasons:

1 the shortcut points to an item in another archive. usually happens when users have multiple mailboxes, and drag/drop items from a to b.

2 - the shortcut originally was in another location in the mailbox, and has been moved, without the item being updated in the archive. Do a search for the subject through the whole mailbox, see if you have a duplicate (1 shortcut, 1 item)

3 - the item may no longer be in the archive (either automatic expired, or manually deleted)

4 - the item may be corrupt on EV storage.

Regards. Gertjan

Item 2 strikes me as something people would do. In Outlook from recollection you cannot drag and drop a vaulted item into another folder but you can right-click and use the move option to do so. My assumption was that this simply moved the shortcut but this has an impact on the Vault itself in terms of breaking the restore point for that item??

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You can search the user's mailbox to count the EV shortcut with the following query, you need to have some exchange permission:

Search-Mailbox -Identity $User -SearchQuery '"IPM,NOTE,EnterpriseVault,Shortcut"' –EstimateResultOnly -SearchDumpster:$false

The searchQuery please replace "," with ".", I can leave "." because of this message "Your post has been changed because invalid HTML was found in the message body. The invalid HTML has been removed. Please review the message and submit the message when you are satisfied."

The parameter "SearchDumpster" is not to include the shortcut in the Recoverable Items folder.

In the Exchange Mailbox Policy in the TAB "Existing Items" you can control the behaviour of the shortcut, ex update archive location if items are moved.

Please take into consideration Gertjan post