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Question about implementing SMTP archiving with EV12 and Exchange 2013


We are evaluating the possibility to implement SMTP archiving in our EV and Exchange environment. We need to archive one target address - so deployment scenario for us would be "SMTP Journaling".
We have checked the document "Enterprise Vault 12 Whitepaper Best Practices for Deploying SMTP Archiving", however there are two points which are not clear to us:

1) License requirements

The document says the following:

 Licensing Considerations
A valid license for Exchange or Domino Journaling will entitle customers to SMTP archiving. New customers receive SMTP Journaling as part of the eDiscovery bundles. For SMTP Mailbox Journaling the Email Management license is required.

Do we need additional licensing on EV or Exchange side in order to implement the deployment scenario "SMTP journaling"?
If yes - what kind of licenses would be needed? Why the document says that Exchange journaling license is required?

2) Search capabilities within the future journal archive:
- are there any recommendations or limits for the size of the journal archive and number of displayed items so its searchable with the basic EV search
- would we be able to search through the EV search within this journal archive if it stores milions of items
- would we need Discovery Accelerator to search within this journal archive and if yes - at what stage in the future (for example when the journal archive is bigger than X amount of GB or has more than Y number of items)

Thank you.

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Re: Question about implementing SMTP archiving with EV12 and Exchange 2013


Your question does not make clear if you want to use SMTP archiving for Journaling purpose, or for a User mailbox items only. Below is based on the assumption for Journaling. If it is a user mailbox, I do not believe you need the additional license, and that you can then use EV Search.

License. the first line should be read as "for Exchange Journaling or for Domino Journaling". No need for additional or other Exchange license.

Search. It is not wise to rely on EV Search. Initially it will work, but the more items in the archive the worse it gets.

As you see, a new EV SMTP license comes with the discovery bundle. One of the main advantages of Discovery Accelerator is that you can very specific search for items. Another one, which is a selling point for your legal/compliance department, is that results produced via DA are admissable as evidence in court. Ev Search results are not.

There is a limit on items, but that is connected to the number of rows in the database. This is described in the performance guide or in the SQL best practices guide, or both.

You can use multiple targetaddresses (to use different retention for instance). SMTP archiving is fast, and has a lot less overhead then Mailbox archiving. I am in a large environment (close to 3 million messages per day) with 5 EV SMTP servers. They can easily keep up. I heard real life scenario of a company doing 6 million items per day, using only 2 EV SMTP servers... Main advantage of using multiple servers is load balancing, and the ability to define multiple archives for 1 target address.

If the config/setup/licensing is unclear, I would first check with Veritas (an SE, or support), then consult a partner. Obviously there is a cost there, but it is going to be money well spend.

Good luck with this!


Regards. Gertjan

Re: Question about implementing SMTP archiving with EV12 and Exchange 2013

my two cents in short answer. for journaling you need the ediscovery license. the ediscovery license incudes discovery accelerator and that's what you should use for searching archived journal data.

Re: Question about implementing SMTP archiving with EV12 and Exchange 2013

Thank you very much. The scenario we are assessing is "SMTP Journaling" as it is described in the best practice guide for SMTP archiving. So, like I was suggesting, the problem would be with the search functionality. The SMTP archiving will work (checked also the performance requirements and we comply to the requirements/email message load), no license will be required, but at some point in the future (when the archive gets bigger and bigger) there will be an issue with the search functionality in case we use the standard EV search and do not have DA. And then comes the licensing topic that license for DA would be needed as the archive would not be searchable. This is my understanding.

Re: Question about implementing SMTP archiving with EV12 and Exchange 2013

i reviewed the latest Enterprise Vault Licensing Guide. for your scenario, without knowing what you currently own i can only tell you what would be required. SMTP Journaling requires the "Archive Discovery" (or the "Supervision") license. "Archive Discovery" includes Discovery Accelerator so if you own it, you can install DA to address your search requirements.

while EV Search is rather robust compared to the old search.asp, it's purpose is for enhanced end user experience and ease of interaction with their archived data.

Re: Question about implementing SMTP archiving with EV12 and Exchange 2013

I am so happy you posted this as I was privately getting worked up as to if this could be sold without DA, how it could be sold without DA.... but didnt think this was the proper venue.